iMessage for Windows | iMessage on PC, Windows

iMessage for Windows | iMessage on PC, Windows
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iMessage for Windows | iMessage on PC, Windows 10/8/7 download links are available now. iMessage for windows user guide and install method is discussed here. Before dealing with iMessage for Windows, let us be clear with what is iMessage?

iMessage for Windows

iMessage is basically an Apple’s built-in instant messaging service. This service helps you send text, picture, video, sound, and location just like any other chatting app. The most exciting thing about iMessage is that it is only famous in iPhone and other gadgets of Apple.

While the company was busy keeping his copyrights claim, Whatsapp came and took away the market from him. Yet there are many individuals who prefer iMessage over Whatsapp and over chatting apps, this is why we are going with how to get iMessage for windows 10/8/7.

iMessage for Windows | iMessage on PC

Features of iMessage for windows

Apart from How to download iMessage on PC or How to use iMessage on Windows, there are certain features about iMessage which make it similar and help to differentiate it from other messaging apps that you should be well aware of.

  1. Just like any other messaging app, iMessage Windows/iMessage pc allow the user to send photos, videos, location, text and another document file to another user using the mobile connection, wifi or any other connection. It is a better alternative to standard SMS/MMS for users having iOS 5 or later.
  2. iMessage service is accessible through Message app for the one using the iOS device with iOS 5 or later. The basic use of Message is that whenever a message is sent to any number, Message checks with Apple whether the mobile number is connected with iMessage or not if it is not then the message is transferred to SMS.
  3. Like all another messenger, iMessage for windows can also be tracked using delivery receipts. If the user enables Read receipts, the sender will be able to check whether or not the user has read the message. Group chat is also facilitated like any other messenger app.
  4. For the better management, there is an option known as ‘Send as SMS’, this simply enables an individual to send a message as SMS.
  5. iMessage PC can rather turn out to be problematic for your Windows sometimes if you use iPadian to use iMessage for PC, it can get a lot of malware into your PC. This can be really harmful to your PC.

There are some curious newbies who are more into getting iMessage PC or rather called iMessage Windows. iMessage PC is nothing but using iMessage for windows device. Many people are facing the problem of getting iMessage on Windows 10/8/7. There is nothing new to introduce in getting iMessage for PC, all you need to do is follow the old steps and get iMessage. Are you the new one? Well, never mind we are introducing the methods down below to get iMessage for Windows.

How to get iMessage on Windows 10/8/7

Everyone finds this apple’s messaging service to be damn cool. Apart from them, many do use it to look cool. Getting iMessage on PC is no big deal. There are several methods to get iMessage for Windows 10/8/7. Curiosity is what we like to kill. Chill out, friend! We are going to deal will all the methods we know in details. Just make sure you implement any of the methods correctly.  Follow the methods below:

How to get iMessage on PC

  1. To begin with, our very first process, make sure you have a Mac book with iMessage and a PC with Windows installed in it.
  2. All you need to do next is download Google Chrome along with Chrome Remote Desktop on both of your computers.
  3. Once the Chrome Remote Desktop has been installed, click on the option ‘launch app’ available at the top right side.
  4. After successful installation of Chrome Remote Desktop, install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac. Chrome Remote Desktop helps you to access another computer with ease via Chrome browser or Chromebook. So, there is no need to be afraid of losing the privacy of your apps and files.
  5. You will get a code on your computer after you launch the app. Use the code and connect both the computers.
  6. The last step to access iMessage on PC is just to enjoy it. Once you enter the code, you can enjoy iMessage on PC rather you can get iMessage for windows.

Oops! Don’t have a Mac with you? Well, my friend, you don’t need to worry, we are here to help you. All you need to do is download a third party application known as iPadian in your PC. This third party application basically develops a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows. Apart from it, iPadian even helps you to install Apple’s popular iMessage on Windows.

iMessage on Windows | iMessage for PC

Important Note: iPadian 2 is an emulator which features Standalone Adobe air application. It can turn out to be very handy sometimes for the people who want to test or just play with an iOS application. iPadian 2 is an iPad stimulator which basically transforms your Windows and helps you run iOS apps in it. But on the other hand, this iPad stimulator fills your windows with malware. Therefore, I will advise you to use this third party application wisely.

How to Use iMessage on PC Using iPadian 2

To be frank, this is the second but not the last method to use iMessage on PC. There is a third way also to use iMessage on Windows 10/8/7. So, even if this method didn’t work out for you, you don’t to feel sorry. Follow the steps carefully to get iMessage on Windows.

  1. Download iPadian emulator from any site you prefer.
  2. Once you are done with the download of iPadian, install the .exe file on your windows.
  3. Soon after the installation, launch the emulator.
  4. After launching iPadian, search for ‘iMessage’ and get it installed too.
  5. Once you download and install iMessage on PC, you can take the experience of the cool features of iMessage on your PC.

How to download iMessage For PC

Well, the above two methods never required any jailbreak and it was introduced in our article for tech newbies. This 3rd method to download iMessage for windows includes the jailbreak of your iOS handset. You can get the process to jailbreak your iOS handset on our website. Follow the steps below, if you have already jailbreak your device.

  1. First of all, you need to download the latest iOS 11 Cydia application on your iOS device. Cydia helps to download the application for the jailbreak devices.
  2. Once you download and install the iOS 11 Cydia application, launch it and search for the remote message application.
  3. Download the remote message app and install it.
  4. Once you download the remote message application, you will find a toggle button, click on that button and enable it. Now all you have to do is create a remote connection by entering the username and password.
  5. Open the browser in your windows pc and copy the IP address and enter the same username and password to complete the process.

Well, if you are ready to jailbreak your iOS handset then this method is most suitable for you to download iMessage for PC. But the shortcoming of this method is that due to jailbreak, you can experience loss of data on your iOS device. You can adapt any application for it such that you can avoid the loss of data.

Hidden Cool Features of iMessage PC

Apart from the cool features; iMessage windows even have some hidden features which usually go unnoticed by the users. Here we bring you those cool hidden features of iMessage for windows.

  1. The bubble effect: Apple to deal with its competing apps like WhatsApp, messenger and many others has introduced stickers. But the most exciting features which Apple has included made the whole session of chatting different. It introduced the bubble effect. Now there is more than one style that you can use for texting. Lovebirds! Be happy! Apple has introduced four bubble effects.
  • Slam: This brings in a puff of dust rising off the screen where it landed.
  • Loud: This bubbling effect is a kind of mimicking people; it turns out huge then shrinks and then come back to the regular size.
  • Gentle: This makes the message go small, smaller and ever smaller and then gradually pulls it back to the regular size.
  • Invisible Ink: This bubbling effect pulls in fog over the screen which the users have to remove using their fingers to see the text beneath.

iMessage for Windows | iMessage on Windows [Install Guide]

Wait! Did I forget to tell you the way to use this bubble effect? So, here it is. Compose an iMessage for windows and press long on the send button (force-touch the blue up arrow if you are on a 3D Touch device). If it isn’t working then probably you need to disable the display setting. If you want to view any of the bubble effects, slide your finger across or better to tap on the circular button near each effect. For our kind information, these bubble effects can only be used on photos and messages.  To the recipients’ knowledge, it is totally unknown to him/her, once the recipient opens the message the animation will begin to play and will continue to do so each time it is opened.

  1. Special Screen Effects: As like the bubble effect, Apple comes up with the screen effect. This enlightens the entire screen with animation and sound. Just write a message as usual and press long on the send button or use force touch until the screen touch is activated. There are total 7 screen effects.
  • Balloons: The screen gets filled up with a bunch of colored balloons.
  • Confetti: A totally different feeling itself. A bunch of confetti burst out from the top of the screen. You can use this to congratulate someone.
  • Love: A heart-shaped balloon fills the screen with the ascent of love.
  • Fireworks: If you are looking for a series of fireworks, this is the screen effect you were looking for.
  • Shooting Star: Your screen lights up like the night time does due to the shooting star in the sky.
  • Lasers: Disco lasers fill up the screen from behind the text bubble.
  • Celebration: The complete celebration time.

The way to activate it goes the same as for the bubble effect. Tap on the circular button near the screen effect to view it and use the ‘send’ button to send it. As per bonus, there is an add-on of screen effect every New Year.

  1. Handwritten note: Bring the love back in your life. Love the way our ancestors used to do by sending letters instead of messages. Now with the help of iMessage for Windows or iMessage PC, you can send a handwritten text. All you need to do is turn your phone to landscape orientation while in the message. Either the keyboard will appear where you can continue texting or a blank canvas will do appear where you can write whatever you want with your finger. If the white canvas doesn’t appear, tap on the squiggly line button present there. You can send anything like “Thanks”, “I Love You”, “Your Welcome” and anything else you want.
  2. Draw on Photos: This feature was copied by all other messaging apps. Well, after all, it’s Apple, people will do copy from it. Now using iMessage on PC, you can write anything on photos before sending it to the recipient. After adding the photo, you need to use the Markup tool to sketch on the image. Keep in mind anything you do over here isn’t going to be saved in your camera roll or the gallery. But this is a really cool feature which many do avoid. You can use this to make fun of your best friend’s photos.

Hope the article helped you in getting iMessage for Windows. Let us know how we can help you by posting it in the comment section.

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